Artistry as Fluid as Sexuality

A Prayer for Saint Sigrid

Catherynne Valente’s next Orphan’s Tales book comes out in just under a month. To celebrate it, she invited her artist friends to submit to a gallery show of art inspired by the first book. Here’s K. Tempest’s offering:

Sigrid's Prayer

It’s called “Sigrid’s Prayer”. If you want to understand the meaning behind it, you’ll have to read the book. You should read the book, anyway, because it’s more incredible than I can say.

The show, called the Three Wishes Tour, will not only feature this and other art pieces and jewelry but also a reading by the author and a musical performance of songs based on The Orphan’s Tales.  Tour schedule:

Oct. 27th 7-10 pm
The Carriage House
12620 Larchmere Blvd

December 1st 7-10pm
Pandemonium Books
4 Pleasant St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

New York
December 4th 7-10pm
(the NYRSF Reading Will Be Taken Over by Gypsies)
South Street Seaport Museum’s Melville Gallery
213 Water Street

If you can get to any of these events you’re definitely in for a treat.  The Cities of Coin and Spice is bound to be even more amazing than the first book.

The New FluidArtist.com

After much trial and error, the new FluidArtist.com is now online. It’s changed bit (okay, a lot) and isn’t really much more than a web portal. But it’s our web portal and we love it.

Most of what you’ll find in this particular space is pimping — such-and-so did this cool thing, whoevertheheck did that cool thing. If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the entire FluidArtist universe, check back.